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Basic obedience training will help your precious puppy will help your precious puppy or adorable adult dog to live in harmony with your household.
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Canine Fitness Training


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What is Canine Fitness?

Do you and your dog compete in sports such as agility, flyball, hunt tests, earthdog trials, or lure coursing? Does your dog run with you or chase a ball or Frisbees on the weekend?

If so, developing strength, balance and flexibility could help your dog by reducing the likelihood of injuries. In addition to helping control their weight, a good canine fitness and conditioning program helps dogs recover their balance more efficiently after an “oops” occurs and gives them a “paw up” on recovery if needed.

Stronger dogs with better balance can run more efficiently in competition, improve performance and reduce their likelihood of injury. Our Canine Fitness and Conditioning will help you continue to build a fitness and conditioning program for your dog based on fun exercises and tricks.

Canine Conditioning will incorporate fitness equipment such as FitPAWS® balance disks, inflated peanuts, paw-pods and balance-boards into your program.

If you are ready to start a conditioning program for your athletic dog, this is the class for you! Canine Fitness and Conditioning will teach you:

• Exercises to strengthen front, rear and core muscles
• Exercises to help your dog discover his or her feet (proprioception)
• How to design warm-up and cool-down routines for your dog’s athletic activities
• How and when to effectively stretch your dog

Canine Fitness can help:

*Strengthens muscles, bones, and tendons
*Improves flexibilitycanine fitness
*Exercises the mind
*Builds confidence
*Strengthens the bond with your dog
*Improves positive reinforcement training skills
*Improves performance and endurance
*Improves balance and proprioception
*Slows aging
*Supports weight management
*Boosts the immune system
*Provides positive indoor activities that you both participate in

As a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, Brennan Autry teaches pet owners how to become their dog's personal trainer for life. Each dog has unique dietary and exercise needs to reach his highest level of fitness. In individual sessions, canine health and fitness guidelines are discussed then each dog and owner team is given a specific fitness plan based on their needs.
Fitness education includes:

Canine health and fitness information
How to live a healthy canine lifestyle

Individual dogs:

Assessment of health, fitness level and diet
Development of dog-specific fitness goals
Custom designing of a fitness program to achieve those goals in an efficient and safe manner
One-on-one mico-workouts with Trainer
Tracking tools for the pet owner

Brennan is available to conduct canine fitness workshops for fitness clubs, dog training clubs, corporate wellness events, etc. Contact us to schedule an event or class.

Canine Fitness and Canine Massage are not substitutes for regular Veterinary care. Contact your Veterinarian if your dog has a serious health issue.

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